There are various schools of thought on how to best pair wine with food and yes, it can be intimidating, but fear not! We have a few simple rules that will help you find what works best with your upcoming meal whether it be a four-course meal or take out.

First things first. As in life, it is all about balance. Wine and food are partners, a team, both working to complement each other towards a common goal – a delicious culinary experience.

When pairing wine – assess the fat content. This is a great place to start because rich foods should be accompanied by a rich wine, just as lighter fare should be complemented by a more delicate wine so that the flavors in the dish are not overpowered. Again, it is all about balance.

Utilize local resources. Many grocery stores are offering wine tastings with their on-staff sommeliers, making it more accessible for consumers to further their education of wine and discover new tastes. At Orange Beach Concierge we often consult with our neighbors, Red or White, in order to complement your menu to perfection.

If in doubt opt for bubbles! Champagne pairs well with salty and even fried or fatty foods because the carbonation from the bubbly helps cleanse your palate as well as lightly complementing your food choice.

Still unsure how to proceed? Why not let us plan your wine dinner? It would be our pleasure to curate a menu and wine list for your next event or gathering.


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