Spring is officially eleven (11) days away.  Have you transitioned from our mild winter to what will clearly be a busy and HAUTE vacation season?

The weather is already fabulous and it’s time to open the windows and doors and start your spring-cleaning and organization.  The obvious questions; where to start?  What really needs to be done?  Our STAGING group has created that handy checklist to get everyone started.


Defrost and clean the refrigerator and freezer

Check dates for all food in the pantry

Replace trash cans

Clean the oven

Clean the drains


Clean out your cosmetic drawers and throw away all expired products

Clean the grout and tile

Replace towels

Get new toothbrushes


Flip the mattress

Update and/or change out the linens

Get new pillows

Update your closet and drawers – if you haven’t worn it in a year, give that item to someone that may need it.  Donate or sell at your local consignment or resell store

Check all smoke detectors and alarms – change all batteries


Organize your desk and files – throw away what you do not need, get rid of the clutter

Bookshelves – add new books and dust off the old ones


Trash Cans – sanitize your recycling and trash cans


It’s time power wash!  Think of your siding, porch, outdoor furniture

Light Fixtures


Clean the washing machine and replace the lint trap

Color coordinate the laundry baskets to make it easy for anyone to drop off the laundry


If all of this seems overwhelming, it can be.  But for us, not so much.  Orange Beach Concierge is here to help get you ready for spring, let our STAGING group handle all the details.

Call 251-228-6729 to make an appointment today.  You will be ready in no time!



Chef David


“Out of clutter, find simplicity.  From discord, find harmony.  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein