The Pantry at The Wharf offers the perfect mix of snacks, beverages, local produce, and specialty items to make your kiddo the hit of the cafeteria. Skip the stress that comes with preparing healthy snacks, balanced lunches, and after school refreshments with the help of The Pantry and our selection of items!


For a mid-morning or after-school energy-booster, provide a snack your child will look forward to. The Pantry offers plenty of specialty items that rank high nutrition and even higher in taste.

Wasabi Peas by Hapi Snacks

If your kiddo isn’t into veggies, maybe they’ll prefer them with a kick of wasabi. Wasabi coated green peas made by Hapi Snacks is a unique new snack worth a taste!

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

The newest item added to our store is made with simple, natural ingredients yet comes in classic and surprising flavors. Poppy is a non-GMO popcorn made with non-GMO corn syrup containing no artificial flavors or colors. Most flavors are gluten-free. Those that contain gluten or are dairy-free are denoted.

Oh Snap!

Your kid doesn’t like green beans or carrots? It may become a new favorite treat when they opt for O Snap!’s pickled version. Oh Snap!’s goal is to change people’s minds about pickling and veggies. Try Carrot Cuties, Dilly Bites, or our favorite; the Cool Beans!

Chef David’s fresh baked cookies!

Curb your child’s sweet tooth with a fresh-baked cookie!  Choose from chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or a snickerdoodle!


Fresh produce

At The Pantry, we strive to keep our produce local and seasonal. Two of our favorite produce purveyors are Herb & Pepper Farm and Local Appetite Growers. Our produce choices range from fresh berries to Georgia peaches to heirloom tomatoes to HydroBibb Lettuce and beyond.

OLLI! Salumeria America

Some call this pre-packaged charcuteries a “grown-up” Lunchable.” Even so, your kiddo will enjoy them twice as much because it’s twice the flavor! Made with salami, fotina cheeses, and Artisinal crackers, these all-in-one’s satisfy every taste bud and contain no artificial flavors.

Chef Pan’s Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese

Fresh to-go items change daily, but we aim to keep Chef’s chicken salad and pimento cheese on the shelves (as tedious as it may be!) Both of these options pair perfectly between two slices of bread or spooned onto bagel crisps or pretzels (also sold at The Pantry). Chef Pan’s fresh to-go items change daily. Other popular products are Chef’s Gumbo Ya-Ya, a variety of cake slices, gulf shrimp salad, Chef’s special The Pantry Burger, Philly Cheesesteak, a crowd favorite, daily brined chicken tenders and more.

If you are looking for fresh and hot lunch choice, Chicken and Biscuits are served on Thursdays, and a variety of flavors of Coal Oven Brooklyn Style Pizza slices are served daily.

Compressed Fruit

Compressing fruit is a method of vacuum sealing which gives the fruit a translucent appearance. It also gives it a sweeter taste and very unique texture. Chef Pan has perfected this method and now offers it to you as a lunch box item from The Panty.

Gourmet Jellies

Make your peanut butter and jellies a little extra with our selection of gourmet jellies!



The IV in a bottle.

Kombucha options

Not everyone is a kombucha fan, but after trying the original flavors at The Pantry, you might change your mind! We recommend the Peach Pineapple!


Get refreshed with S.Pellegrino, a fine sparkling mineral water originating from the foothills of the Italian Alps. Flavors include blood orange, orange, dark cherry pomegranate, lemon mint, and lemon.  Know as the Italian water.

Jones Soda Co.

We now have the complete collection of flavors and we are the only retailer in Orange Beach. Try custom Jones’ flavors such as Fufu Berry, Green Apple, and more! Jones’ is known for giving their sodas some original names, and are a perfect after-school, non-carbonated treat.

The Pantry at The Wharf isn’t a convenience store, we are Good Food To-Go™ and so much more.  We also offer the freshest food at your fingertips, musthave merchandise, and gourmet products found nowhere else on the island.

We are located at The Wharf in Orange Beach between Villaggio and Moxie.  Please come and see us.

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