5 Things You’ll Love About the Better Day Box

It sounds like a mystical treasure – a single box that, when opened, can instantly make your day better. It’s actually very real, and you don’t even have to go on a quest to find it. You only need to stop by The Pantry at The Wharf and say the magical words – “I’d like a Better Day Box!”

Kidding aside, the Better Day Box is an easy and delicious way to add a touch of sweetness to your day. It’s a perfect package of fresh-baked pastries, each one prepared by hand and bursting with authentic French flavor. Sound too good to be true? We’re just getting started.

1. Choose From 6 Sweets + Savories

It wouldn’t be fun if we all picked the same pastry! Luckily, creating your best Better Day Box means choosing from six delicious flavors for the perfect blend of sweet and savory:

  • Bacon + Egg
  • Cherry + Yogurt
  • Jambon (Ham + Cheese)
  • Spinach + Ricotta
  • Leek + Parmesan
  • Chocolate

No matter the flavor, all of our French pastries are fresh-baked and crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Mix-and-Match or try one of each – our Bulk Boxes come in increments of six for just $30 (so don’t be afraid to double up!)

OBC - Better Day Box

2. Endless Options

There are so many ways to make your Better Day Box. You can request any number of pastries in any combination you like – each pastry is just $5, so even splurging is sweet. While we always welcome walk-ins, if you want a certain combination, we do suggest you call and order ahead – our pastries are so popular they practically box themselves!

3. The Freshest French Flavor

Our French pastries are baked by Chef David Pan, a French-trained chef who specializes in delivering the taste of France to every dish and dessert. That means you don’t need a plane ticket to enjoy authentic French pastries – just a quick visit to The Pantry!

4. It’s a Perfect Pick-Me-Up

There’s no room for sadness with a treat this sweet! Our pastries are a perfect pick-me-up to add something special to any occasion. Grab a box on the way to work (a sure way to make employee of the month), make a new mom’s day, bring something sweet to a sick friend, or just begin your day with a better breakfast. There’s really no reason not to buy a Better Day Box!

5. Make it a Meal

We know life doesn’t begin and end with pastries – and neither does a meal. Luckily, picking up a Better Day Box at The Pantry means easy access to plenty of other great provisions. You can grab your choice of delicious, bottled juices or make it a pastry and Mimosa morning with a bottle of bubbly Prosecco. Feeling extra hungry? Browse the Grab + Go options to add great items like handmade sandwiches, fresh salads, and more.

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